The Latest:: Jesse's Truck Stolen And Crashed The Latest:: Jesse's Truck Stolen And Crashed Truck before lifted Truck started out unlifted and white 99002944 Truck before lifted 98908418 Truck lifted before stolen 98908420 Truck lifted 99002943 Jan 4 2012 Truck Crashed Pic after truck was stolen and crashed in utility pole. 150979123 Crashed truck 150537896 Process of restoration Transformation of truck after being stolen and crashed. Changing from white to black. 150537897 Process of restoration From white to black 150537898 Process of restoration Gettin ready to be black 150537899 Tear down of truck Restoring after stolen and crashed 150539307 Restoring from white to black 150539308 150539309 150539310 Transformation in progress 150539311 White to Black Restoring truck from white to black 150540108 Was white Now black 150540109 Changing to Black 150540110 150540111 Now black was white 150540418 Transformation in progress White truck is now black 150540419 Black truck now Almost done 150540420 White truck goin black 150541007 Restoration complete White truck was white and crashed and now restored to black 150980992 Final completion 150981027 New grill and bumpers 150981170 150981189 "BAD" Looking Bumper 150981510 Oh Yeah 150981859 Final Product 150981939