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                                                                                               PROJECT STRIKER




                                      1971  PLYMOUTH CUDA





                                        GONNA GO ALL THE WAY WITH THIS ONE.....






                                                             Time for some Primer....



                   Fenders,header panels,bumper and lower valance all welded together


                                                    Time for some Hood action..

                                                                          * Viper hood louvers molded into fiberglass hood

                                                                            *Windshield flush mounted and trim eliminated

                        *Hood is electronically actuated to remain flat while raising up and back appears as a lift off hood

                                                                 *Lower valance opening enlarged and front splitter added

                                                        *Bumper is seamlessly welded to front end and smoothed into the grille





                                                                                            Rear window flush mounted with trim eliminated



              *Quarter and deck lid extended about 1"to create tail light surround with

                                          flush welded and smoothed rear bumper

                                              * Tail lights and license recessed

 * Lower quarters extended,lower valance redesigned with outer louvers and center diffusers









                                                   Project STRIKER is heading full speed now!

        The 6.1srt received a new supercharger and was sent off to polish as well as the heads.

           This is all I can show right now- I'm waiting on more polish work to get done.

                                             Stay tuned as I continue to post pics of STRIKER!



                                                                                               Getting some metal work done!




                                                                                                                      Gotta keep after it to make my deadline




                                                                                                       Only time will tell if it's going to happen




                 Completely redesigned the under hood and it's primed up and sanded

                                               and ready for another prime.

                      The top of the hood is ready for prime as well as the rear body.

                      After prime it goes on a rotisserie so that the under body can

                                         Get the same treatment as the top.


                                         Going all the way with this project.



                                Look at this 6.1 SRT Magnuson Supercharged motor.


                           Special Thanks to Magnuson Supercharger for sponsorship

                                     and making this Supercharger available

                                                            to Project Striker


                                             Special Thanks to a lot of work to

                                Kevin Marshall at KM polishing for being VERY

                                    Patient with all the grinding and polishing.


                                    Cant wait to install it in project STRIKER.


                        This motor is the most intricate motor I've ever undergone.

                      Its going to turn heads with everyone who lays there eyes on it.






                                                    It's coming together.

                                       We are working our magic today on Striker

                                        Next it's on with the doors and front clip

                                       Then it's heading up north for a few weeks

                                       Then back for final body work then to paint.

                                           A dream is about to become reality......



                Striker is ready for shipping to Wisconsin for its wiring and plumbing.







                                             Should be back in 4 to 6 weeks.

                                          Still so much to do by September...